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This tip is brought to you by Greg Sanders,
Master Teaching Professional

The Pitch Shot

          Probably one of the most valuable and least practiced shots in golf is the pitch shot.The pitch shot from 10-80 yards from the green. Tour Professionals have this shot from 4 to 8 times per round while most amateurs probably have the shot from 10 to 18 times per round. It is the shot you will use to actually get your ball on the green.

          This shot is important due to its frequency and also, because when you learn how to execute it, you have really learned a lot about the swing itself. It is with this shot that you will effectively learn “how to let the club do the work”. We have all heard this but have not been shown how this magical concept works. First and foremost is the grip pressure. You should hold the club like an open tube of toothpaste. Hold it don't squeeze it. Anything requiring touch requires a light grip. You want to swing the club back and just kind of stand the club up with the head pretty much over your hands. Then just let gravity drop it back down.The length of the back swing determines distance. If you are holding it too tight you will hit the shots “fat”, “thin”, or too far. The lighter you hold it the better your contact will be and the softer the shot will land. Once you are making consistent contact you need to begin working on different distances.This is where a variety of wedges can help. You should learn the use of your pitching wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge for the various shots you will encounter around the greens.

          As you get proficient with this shot your full swing will probably improve as well. If you have difficulty getting the knack of this shot see your
PGA Golf Professional.




Instructor: Justin Blazer. originally from Yorktown, Virginia, Justin Blazer developed an interest in teaching golfers through the development of his own game. While Justin’s golfing journey began as a teenager, it always took a backseat to other sports. As a standout basketball player through college, Justin’s competitive spirit was fueled once again when he started regularly j


oining his college golf team practices. This led to Justin’s interest in golf instruction and, backed by the same competitive spirit that drove him in sports, he eventually became a PGA Class A Teaching Professional. Today, as part of his journey in the golf industry, Justin actively plays in PGA sectional events, with a dream to qualify for the PGA Professional National Championship.  Justin’s true passion, however, lies in working with juniors and the growth of junior golf. As Director of Instruction at the Duran Academy of Golf,  Justin has established a breadth of junior programs for newcomers and competitive players. Many of his juniors   have had tremendous success and currently compete at an elite level such as the U.S. Kids World Championships and other premier junior golf championships. This work has not gone unnoticed, as Justin has been awarded a two-time U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Teacher, which recognizes the top junior golf instructors in the country.

Philosophy: The instructors at Duran Golf Club realize each and every golfer responds to different educational approaches. Our Golf Professional Staff will develop a curriculum tailored to each individual student, based on athleticism, current level of play, specific goals, and the time available to reach those goals. The staff at Duran believes in providing students with the understanding of Golf's "fundamentals". With that knowledge, students better understand relationships between grip, posture, alignment, and swing motion. Using that, golfers can then make changes to the feelings and sensations of their golf positions and swing motions. We believe this is the students key to creating a more desirable ball flight, therefore, more enjoyment of the game of golf.